Q: What is your real name? It's Anna. Seriously!
Q: What is your ethnicity?
Q: Where are you "from"?
I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I currently live in Alabama. Yes, I am born in the U.S.! 
Q: Did you go to school for art? No, I am self-taught! Thanks YouTube, Google, and Deviant Art!
Q: When did you start drawing? My mom said when I was 3 years old!

Q: Do you do at-home commissions?
Yes, and no. My main focus right now are conventions and meeting people! I am not home often! After cons are over, I will focus on finishing everything I owe to people, and will be moving AGAIN* (larger place so I have a studio). I am sorry that I am not able to offer anything outside of it atm :(
Q: Where can I get your variants?
Almost all my variants are store exclusives. I am still new so I only have a few. You can either get them from me at cons or my retailers, or 3rd party on eBay/groups.
Q: Do you have an online store where I can buy things from?
Yes, and no. I am currently working on it. Because I travel a lot, my stock count is odd. I will be launching it sometime soon. You can purchase prints, mystery bags, some of my variants, CGC signature series, originals, stickers, charms, and other goodies :D!
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